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My video has a black border when using a C2 scan converter.
C2 Product Family (excludes 770, 4000, and 5000 series)
Date Created
24/06/2010 20:16:54
Date Updated
28/07/2010 19:58:03
When using a 1T-C2-100 series device, C2-1100 series device, or C2-2100 series device, my output has a black border. How do I remove this?
By default, the C2 line of down converters underscans the output image to account for the bezel of older analog displays. This is done by having the default output of the down converter set to reduce the image to 90% of its original size. To override this setting, enable the shrink option and set the shrink level to 100%. This is found under the sub-menu "Adjust Windows."
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