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C2-8000 firmware updates
For: C2-8110, C2-8120, C2-8130, C2-8160, C2-8210, C2-8260

Version 528: c2_8000_v528.exe
Release notes: C2-8000 - tvOne Release Note 528 (29th Jan 2015).pdf
This release includes a number of bug fixes and reliability improvements.

What happens when a firmware update is performed on a CORIO unit?

Update can only be done via an RS232 cable.

Previous firmware versions:

Version 499: c2_8000_v499.exe
Release notes: C2-8000 - tvOne Release Note 499 (26th Mar 2014) - V2.pdf

Version 438: c2_8000_v438.exe
Release notes: C2-8000 - TV One Release Note 438 (7 Oct 2013).pdf
This release mostly fixes a problem with CV/YC output.

Version 432: c2_8000_v432.exe
Release notes: C2-8000 - TV One Release Note 432 (22 Mar 2013).pdf

Version 425: c2_8000_v425.exe
Changes since last version:
1. Additional resolutions added.
2. HDCP on output now defaults to on.
3. Unit now defaults to Switcher mode.
4. HDCP negotiation on output is now faster and more reliable.
5. Fixed issue with Vendor Specific Infoframe code being fixed at 3D on output.
6. Fixed bug where BLACK button LED on 2/B was not illuminating properly.
7. Fixed bug where LCD backlight could not be turned off.
8. Fixed bug where 480p / 576p sources would not always work.
9. Fixed issue where factory reset from front panel would leave front panel source buttons inoperable.
Release note: C2-8000 - TV One Release Note 425 (23 Jan 2013).xlsx

Version 418: c2_8000_v418.exe
Changes since last version:
1. Enhanced audio routing for AFV and individual AES sources.
2. Enhanced compatibility with CC-300 (firmware version 31 onwards).
3. Improved SDI audio reception.
4. PAL-M CV output problem fixed.
5. Analog RGB/YUV TL/BR adjustment improved.
6. Improved HDCP operation.
7. Fixed audio problem on C2-8110.
Release note: C2-8000 TV One Release Note v418 (31-12-12).xlsx.pdf

Version 398: c15_c2_8000_v398.exe
1. Supports latest hardware revision of PCB (as well as previous).
2. Adds audio module support.

Version 393: c15_c2_8000_v393.exe

Version 386: c15_c2_8000_v386.exe
Date Created
08/03/2011 14:54:48
Date Updated
30/01/2015 11:58:10
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