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CORIOmaster EDID management
Date Created
09/12/2015 14:50:19
Date Updated
19/03/2019 14:37:28
"I would like to change the edid table of my corio inputs so they take full hd 1920x1080 instead of the 1920x1200p60rb they now take.
What would be the best way to do this, I tried to open the EDD file but can make much of it."
The issue is caused because the preferred timing in the edid is set to 1920x1280. Please find attached an edid file 'edid1080.edd' which has the preferred timing set to 1920x1080p60.

To load this edid you will need a serial connection to the C3 and a usb cable, and a terminal program such as putty

1) Connect to the C3 unit using the serial cable.

2) On the terminal login login(admin,adminpw)

3) on the terminal run the command system.BackupToSDCard()
Wait until the CORIOmatrix returns the message "// Backup: Complete"

4) Connect the USB to the C3 unit.
The C3 unit should now be visible as a drive called 'TVONE' (for example 'TVONE (J:)' )

5) Copy the file 'edid1080.edd' to the folder on the TVONE drive '\TVONE\EDID' or '\TVONE400\EDID' (use TVONE400 if both available, for example J:\TVONE400\EDID).

6) Eject the TVOne Drive.

7) When you computer says that it is safe to remove the TVONE drive, wait 5 seconds the unplug the usb cable.

8) On the terminal run the command system.RestoreBackup()
Wait until the C3 returns the message "// Restore: Complete"

9) On the terminal run the command resources.edid
You should see the edid1080 file listed.

10) To use the edid file, set the input edid file name to the edid1080.edd file, for example s1i1.EDID_Filename = edid1080.edd.
Remember to save this setting:

11) On the terminal enter the command system.saveallsettings()
In order that the source recognizes the new edid issue a force link refresh command, for example s1i1.forcelinkrefresh(). Some source may no respond to this command, so a physical hot-plug of the cable or a reboot of the CORIOmatrix may be necessary.

The C3 also saves the edid of connected displays, for example a display connected to Slo16.out1 is automatically saved in a file call s16o1.edd. You can use an automatically saved edid file at step 10) above:
s1i1.EDID_Filename = s16o1.edd.
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