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ONErack Product Support
31th January 2017

ONErack Documentation

o Internal Power Supply manual MNL-1RK-PSU-V1.21 (1).pdf

4th December 2017

ONErack Documentation

o Cable Management manual MNL-1RK-CBL-MGMT-V1.00 (1).pdf

30th November 2016

ONErack Documentation

o Chassis manual MNL-1RK-CHASSIS-V1.20.pdf
o Internal Power Supply manual MNL-1RK-PSU-V1.20.pdf
o Module manual MNL-1RK-MOD-V1.20.pdf

o Extra Rails manual MNL-1RK-XTRA-RAIL-V1.20 (1).pdf
o Extra Power manual MNL-1RK-XTRA-PWR-V1.20.pdf

13th July 2016

ONErack product launch

ONErack Documentation
o Chassis manual MNL-1RK-CHASSIS-V1.11.pdf
o Fan Cover manual MNL-1RK-FAN-V1.10.pdf
o Internal Power Supply manual MNL-1RK-PSU-V1.10.pdf
o Module manual MNL-1RK-MOD-V1.10.pdf

o Extra Rails manual MNL-1RK-XTRA-RAIL-V1.10.pdf
o Extra Power manual MNL-1RK-XTRA-PWR-V1.10.pdf

o Module Template (print A3) MNL-1RK-TEMPLATE.pdf

ONErack Accessory List
o 1RK-FAN-PSU, standalone ACDC 12V 1.25A plug top PSU to power fan cover when you do not have a 1RK-xRU-PSU.
o 1RK-XTRA-RAIL, a kit of parts to populate the additional rails needed to fit docks to the top of the chassis.
o 1RK-XTRA-PWR, a kit of parts to populate the spare Voltage selector position on a module plate. Includes an additional dock module, daisy chain cable and fixings.
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13/07/2016 17:27:15
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31/01/2017 10:40:11
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