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Use of HDMI extenders with C3 Output Modules
Date Created
13/09/2016 12:10:03
Date Updated
13/09/2016 12:14:35
Can I use HDMI extenders with CORIOmaster output modules?
There is a growing trend for using HDMI extenders, such as fiber, with DVI-I and DVI-U output modules.
These extenders typically draw their power from the +5 V output on the DVI-U connector.
The +5 V output on DVI-I and DVI-U modules is current-limited and protected by a self-resetting fuse. The self-resetting fuse is designed to limit current drawn from the socket in the event of a cable or sink fault, and is set at a nominal 100 mA. Due to device tolerances, the output MAY deliver up to 140 mA, though this is not guaranteed.

You cannot use HDMI extenders which draw more than 100 mA from the DVI-I or DVI-U module, unless they have an external power connector.

Please note that the HDMI +5V was never intended to power devices. You can find more information here :

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