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C2-4000 & C2-5000 series firmware updates
Legacy Product Software and Firmware
  C2-770/4000/5000 Series Universal Scaler
Date Created
06/10/2003 18:15:57
Date Updated
27/03/2015 21:15:51
What's the current firmware revision?
Please also see C2-7000 Series firmware updates

Note: this software is not guaranteed to work on Windows Vista.

The current firmware revision is 184, and the Firmware Update Tool and the current firmware files can be installed from this file:

What happens when a firmware update is performed on a CORIO unit?

Changes since 182
1. Fixes random fault with SDI input at low temperatures.

C2-770 C2-775
C2-4100 C2-4110
C2-5100 C2-5101 C2-5110
C2-5200 C2-5201 C2-5210

Download the file, run it, and click on the Update button - note that an RS232 cable needs to be linked from your computer to the scaler.

Version 182: c2firmup_1.0.44_v182.exe
Changes since 180:
1. Changing output resolution is now 'buffered' - the new output resolution does not take effect until the user presses the rotary button to stop the brackets flashing.
2. CC-300 compatibility added for new units - see C2-4000 & C2-5000 series compatibility with CC-300 CORIOconsole

PLEASE NOTE: this file also includes a new firmware update tool capable of automatically selecting and downloading the latest firmware via the internet. Click the 'Check update' button to connect to the internet to retrieve the latest firmware.

If you have any problems updating your firmware, see: RS232 connection / cable

IMPORTANT: During a firmware update a full factory reset is performed - you will lose all changes to scaler settings and Logo/Testcard data.

Known firmware bugs or issues:
a) Zooming into an NTSC source by more than 350% may result in field-swapping.
b) Switching between sources with different aspect ratios may result in size 'glitches' during transition fading.
c) Problem with video decoder chip sometimes causes CV1/2/3 inputs to produce poor results - solution is to change video standard to another format and then back again, or to store your settings and power down/up the unit. This is down to an issue with the video decoder chip being used.

Revision history:

Version 180 c2firmup_1.0.44_v180.exe
1. Improved Y/C output.
2. Added missing brackets when fine adjusting H.freq in 'Adjust image parameters' menu.

Version 174 c2firmup_1.0.40_v174.exe
1. Various Preset problems fixed.

Version 170 c2firmup_1.0.40_v170.exe
1. A front panel button programmed as Freeze now illuminates the LED above it only if Freeze is active.
2. A front panel button programmed as a Preset now illuminates the LED above it only if a Preset has been stored in it.
3. All references to 'Vine Micros' changed to 'TV One'.
4. Added option to 'Adjust scaler parameters' to change the 'PAL/NTSC' CV/YC output to 'PAL-M/PAL-N'.
5. Added 'Aspect adjust' option to System menu: 'Simple' duplicates the previous method of operation - using the Aspect ratio options in the Setup Program source and Adjust scaler parameters menus; 'Advanced' allows totally independent H&V control of Zooming and Shrinking of images. The final pixel:line ratio is also given for both options. See Advanced aspect ratio adjust feature.
6. Changed Zoom and Shrink adjustment step resolution.
7. 'Dig RGB Lock source' is disabled for YUV inputs (was enabled in error - only RGB sources can use this option).
8. Fixed error where PIP or Overlay onto YUV Lock source had a shadow effect (key signal was offset).
9. Corrected side to side glitches when Horizontal Flip is active and zooming into an image.
10. Fixed Audio Switcher control bug, where a muted channel would sometimes become unmuted during a fade-out/fade-in for input source switching.
11. Improved SECAM input quality (note that the 'Sharpness' feature does nothing for a SECAM input).

Version 162: c2firmup_1.0.40_v162.exe
1) Fixed error in Presets where negative values of settings were not being stored correctly.
2) Added 'Autoset' ability (to Setup Program source menu) to automatically determine Input pixel phase and TL / BR values. See Autoset feature.
3) Corrected vertical position error that occured on some output resolutions.
4) Corrected horizontal sync width error that occured on some output resolutions.
5) Extended resolution database to include more resolutions.
6) Corrected error where some interlaced outputs had invalid pixels on the left-hand edge.
7) Improved resolution measuring & matching against image parameter database.
8) Fixed error that sometimes caused very high resolutions to be ignored on an RGB input.
9) Extra resolutions added to database.
10) Added 'Auto' option for Image smoothing - gradually reduces from High to Low as Zoom level increases. See Image smoothing 'Auto' feature.
11) Programmable Freeze button on front panel will flash if freeze is active.
12) Dig RGB Lock source no longer shifts image sideways.
13) Added info messages to compliment beeps for certain functions: buttons locked, unlocked, store, reset, preset add, preset clear. This ensures the user knows what's going on in a noisy environment.
14) Composite sync H/V seperator improved, for comp. syncs that lack serration or equalizing pulses.
15) Added 'Not used' option for programmable buttons.
16) Added Baud Rate option in System menu - use with care, as this may prevent the CORIO2 Control Panel from working.
17) Fixed slight 'pixel-sparkle' visible in some PIP modes.
18) Added support for tri-level syncs on YUV input - new 'tlYUV' option now available in Setup Program source. However, note that very extreme brightness changes may cause sync loss.
19) PLEASE NOTE: 'tlYUV' exists as an Output image type (after YUV), but this does not output tri-level syncs at present.
20) Corrected error in locking to YUV sources.

Version 132: c2firmup_1.0.34_v132.exe
a) Full A2 Audio Switcher compatibility
b) Fixed bug in version 130 that prevented power-down from working (unit powered back up after about 6 seconds).

Version 130:
a) Fixed hour counter bug, where it was not counting properly.
b) Improved usage of Flash memory to enhance product lifetime, particularly where units are left on for long periods of time.

Version 122: c2firmup_1.0.34_v122.exe
a) Added extra functions to RS232 User protocol - see RS232 Control over the C2-4000 & C2-5000 Universal Scalers
b) Correct field-decoding in some SDI inputs sources.
c) Added "SDI2 input type" to Adjust lock/overlay menu - so that SDI2 input can be configured separately to SDI1 if needed. PLEASE NOTE: this defaults to NTSC.
d) Corrected error where Shrinking within a high-resolution might cause a picture offset.
e) Added 'B&W 50Hz / 60Hz' to Video standards available for CV/YC inputs to support signals with no colour burst - this is one beyond the 'SECAM' option.

Version 114:
a) As 112, but 'Fan speed' value restored (was showing continuously as '1').

Version 112:
a) Greatly improved SECAM input to remove most colour noise.
b) Added 'Dig RGB Lock source' to 'Lock/overlay' menu. See Dig RGB Lock source feature.
c) Fixed bug where a negative value in 'Lock line offset' would cause a genlock breakdown.

Version 104:
a) Fixed bug that caused logo image to degrade after approx. 8 hours
b) Fixed bug that meant genlocking to PAL/NTSC sources might cause a subcarrier phase drift.
c) New Feature - unit now does a quick fade between input selections. See #55#.
d) Added Audio Switcher auto-detection.
e) Added limitied support for RC03 and RC04 infra-red remote controls.
f) Added 'Preview follow mode'. See 'Preview follow mode'.
g) Added Front-panel lock feature. See Front panel locking for C2-4000, C2-5000 and C2-7000 series.
h) Correct YUV input 'green-tinge' problem.
i) Fixed bug where turning Lock on might prevent an output appearing.
j) Fixed bug where a YUV 625-line input was not always de-interlaced properly.
k) Fixed bug where an interlaced input, in rare circumstances, was not de-interlaced properly.
l) Added support for 50Hz HDTV resolutions.

Version 94:
a) Fixed bug that prevented locking to an SDI source.

Version 92:
a) Fixed bug where Locking to unknown sources may cause image glitches or break-up.
b) The 'Interlaced' option in 'Image parameters' now works correctly.
c) Added Presets 1 to 5 and Restore as options for the Programmable buttons - see Using Presets on the C2-4000 / C2-5000 series.
d) Added 'SDI type in' so that user can specify whether SDI input is PAL or NTSC (defaults to NTSC).
e) Fixed bug that caused a random but rare image glitch (SDRAM reset).

Version 90:
a) Fixed minor bugs in RS232 control routines.
b) Fixed problem locking to an RGB or YUV interlaced source.
c) Increased maximum fan speed to 7000rpm. (Some fans were running very fast causing 'Fault Condition 1024'.)
d) Improved handling of composite sync / sync on green / YUV inputs - in particular for SGI computer sources.
e) Firmware Update Tool (1.0.30) now handles DBCS Windows systems (eg. Japanese version of Windows).

Version 82:
a) Improved YUV input (hue was slightly wrong).
b) Aspect Ratio option now individually selectable for each input (was global for all inputs).
c) Improved support for Logo Uploader.
d) Fixed bug where certain Preview & Lock source combinations would cause patterning on CV/YC output.
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