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RS232 Control over the C2-4000 & C2-5000 Universal Scalers
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  C2-770/4000/5000 Series Universal Scaler
Date Created
07/10/2003 10:38:26
Date Updated
27/03/2015 21:14:11
How can I control the C2-4000 & C2-5000 Universal Scalers using the RS232 port?
For Windows control, please see here C2-4000 & C2-5000 series Windows Control Panel

For direct program control, please see: c2usr12.pdf
(Version 1.2 - requires at least firmware version 170 to be installed)
NB. This is *just* for the C2-4000 & C2-5000 series units. See RS232 Control over CORIO2 units.

We would appreciate any feedback regarding this control method & document, via this support system.

If you have problems, see RS232 connection / cable
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