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Issues using PIP, Overlay or Underlay on C2-4000/C2-5000 series units
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  C2-770/4000/5000 Series Universal Scaler
Date Created
05/12/2003 09:09:04
Date Updated
27/03/2015 21:35:28
I can't get PIP, Overlay or Underlay to work the way I want them to.
The important thing to remember is that the C2-4000/C2-5000 series units only has one scaling engine, which means that it can only convert one of the inputs into a different format or resolution. (The C2-7000 series units have 2 scaling engines, so you can have two PIPs, or 2 inputs mixed together and output at another resolution.)

Whenever PIP, Overlay or Underlay are active, the Output image format and resolution is always the same as the Lock source (which is usually the background in these modes). Hence, although the main Program source (usually the foreground) can be altered to another resolution (to match the Lock source), the background cannot.

Using 2 Scalers would acheive multiple-input scaling, by feeding the first Scaler's output into the Lock source of the second. PIP mode would then mix the two images together, so you could have two scaled windows going to a completely different output resolution.
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