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How do I do an instant save of the settings?
Date Created
05/12/2003 13:45:29
Date Updated
07/08/2008 19:37:26
How do I do an instant save of the settings?
Holding down the jog dial or in on the multi-directional switch for 2 to 3 seconds will cause the unit to store all current settings and emit a single beep.

These settings are stored in non-volatile memory and will be preserved even when power is removed.

By setting the unit up in a particular way (eg. with picture in picture mode active) and storing this setting, you can insure your unit always powers-up in the same state.

Please note:
1. Preset & Image parameter data is always held in non-volatile memory.
2. All settings, Preset & Image parameter data is lost when performing a firmware update.
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