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Using the Preview Source
C2-5000 Series Universal Scaler
Date Created
05/12/2003 13:57:31
Date Updated
02/05/2008 16:48:15
How do I use the Preview Source?
The 'Preview Source' is a method of feeding one input directly to the corresponding preview output. Eg. if RGB2 is the Preview source then RGB Preview will be the preview output connector.

Note that the CV and YC inputs all output to the CV Preview connector and there is no SDI preview option.

The purpose of this is to allow the user to see the quality or content of the input signal before using at the Program source. Doing this requires another monitor for each preview output connector.

Preview Source is normally completely independent of the Program source - although the Front Panel programmable buttons can be programmed to switch them together on a single press, or separately with two presses.

The indicator light above a button will flash when its input is selected for Preview source (unless it is also select as Program source).
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