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Setting up a Testcard as a window source for the C2-4000/C2-5000/C2-7000 series unit
Date Created
05/12/2003 14:19:39
Date Updated
01/11/2005 15:30:16
How do I setup a testcard as a window source?
The C2-4000/C2-5000/C2-7000 series scalers provide the ability to store a number of different images as Testcards and new ones are downloadable using Windows utilities. See Uploading a Logo or Testcard.

These images behave as if they are an actual video input and are therefore scaled to the defined Output image resolution. They can be zoomed and shrunk and can be used as a Program source for picture in picture and overlay.

For the C2-4000/5000 series units, change the Program source to TC. For the C2-7000 series units, change the window's Source to TC1 or TC2. In Adjust sources you can then change TC/TC1 to be different testcards numbers, which then selects a different testcard to display.

It may take a short while for the new image to appear, during which time the Front Panel will be dormant.

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