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Firmware update failure
Date Created
05/12/2003 14:32:03
Date Updated
25/03/2009 09:03:21
Firmware update failure
This may be caused by a faulty RS232 cable (see RS232 connection / cable), a problem with the PC, or some interruption in the firmware update.

It can sometimes also happen over a slow USB/RS232 adaptor - some are far faster than others.

Only C2-7000 units can be updated via Ethernet - all others have to be updated via their serial port.

If the firmware update fails the scaler will be unresponsive, but new firmware can still be programmed into it. You will be asked to remove and re-apply power (at the AC input socket) when re-doing the firmware update - follow the instructions given on screen.

If the unit continues to have problems updating, contact technical support.
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