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Component / YUV input is not stable / doesn't work from a DVD
Date Created
16/02/2004 09:34:07
Date Updated
08/12/2008 09:31:14
Why does the component / YUV input not work, when the CV/YC (PAL/NTSC) inputs do, when playing from a DVD?
This may be due to the Macrovision protection system, which adds extra sync pulses and video peaks to the signal.

Whilst this protection system is present on all outputs from a DVD player when a copy-protected disk is being played, the scaler's composite video (CV) and YC inputs are decoded by a chip that can ignore these pulses and peaks. However, the scaler's component / YUV input cannot, which results in either a very poor signal, or none at all.

Since there is not a lot of benefit in using a component / YUV signal from a DVD over a YC signal (because of the video compression used in the DVD format), it is suggested that YC is used instead - this also allows many of the sharpness / colour adjustments to be used.
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