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C2-4000 & C2-5000 fault codes
C2-5000 Series Universal Scaler
Date Created
31/03/2004 12:07:42
Date Updated
06/10/2005 15:24:53
What are the 'Fault condition' codes for the C2-4000 & C2-5000 units?
If the C2-4000 & C2-5000 scalers detect a fault in its hardware, it will display a Fault condition screen and emit a buzzing noise.
After 10 seconds the scaler will then go into a low power mode and continue buzzing.

The user should remove power from the unit and contact technical support for help.

IMPORTANT: Any fault condition that occurs implies that there may be a fault with your unit which needs attention. You should therefore seek technical assitance if a Fault condition occurs.

The data below summarises how the Fault condition code is generated - but this is for information purposes only, you should not attempt to fix your unit, as to do so would invalidate your warranty.

The code is made up by adding together the following values, which relate to individual faults. Therefore a single number may relate to more than one fault.

1 = A/D convertor I2C communication error
2 = Video decoder 1 I2C communication error
4 = Video decoder 2 I2C communication error
8 = Genlock video decoder I2C communication error
16 = Clock generator I2C communication error
32 = Video encoder I2C communication error
64 = PLL I2C communication error
128 = (not used)
256 = PLD not running
512 = Flash memory communication error
1024 = Fan speed error
2048 = Internal temperature too low
4096 = Internal temperature too high
8192 = Flash memory page overflow
16384 = Front panel data checksum error
32768 = (not used)
65536 = Main board data checksum error

Fault condition 1024 implies that the integral fan is running either too fast or too slow, compared to the speed the scaler is expecting it to run at. This can sometimes happen if you have something blocking the ventilation grills. Also ensure you have the latest firmware running, as version 88 can cause erroneous code 1024 errors.
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