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Autoset feature
Date Created
09/08/2004 15:23:54
Date Updated
04/01/2008 12:25:52
What is the Autoset feature?
Autoset is a feature that automatically works out the correct Input pixel phase, TL (top-left) and BR (bottom-right) positions for an RGB or YUV input.

The option is in the Setup Program source / Adjust sources menu, but only appears if using and RGB input. It normally says 'Autoset status [Inactive]'. A single click will initiate Autoset.

The status message will change (quite quickly) to detail what the Autoset feature is doing at any time:

1) PhaseAdj. The spends a few seconds trying different 'Input pixel phase' values (from 0 to 31) to see which value gives the clearest picture.
2) Lose TL / Find TL. The unit shifts the top-left of the image until it has captured it properly - in other words without clipping parts of the image, nor displaying a border within the white box.
3) Lose BR / Find BR. As per (2) above, but for the bottom-right corner.

Note that in order for Autoset to work properly, it needs a sufficiently bright full-screen image to examine. An option called 'Autoset sense' lets you change the Autoset sense threshold between Low, Medium, High and V.high. Medium is the default level, which is recommended for normal use (Windows-type images, etc.).

If Autoset is unable to properly set the TL & BR values (as can happen with dark or small images), then these values are reset to 0 and Autoset stops.
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