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Image smoothing 'Auto' feature
Date Created
09/08/2004 15:40:34
Date Updated
04/01/2008 12:26:13
What is the Image smoothing 'Auto' feature?
Image smoothing performs anti-aliasing (smoothing) of images when 'scaling up'. Eg. Scaling an 800x600 image to 1024x768 using simple pixel or line duplication would given uneven 'blocky' results as some pixels are doubled-up and some are not. Image smoothing ensures these effects are reduced by merging pixels and lines together.

The standard value is 'High' for maximum reduction of blocky pixels. However, this can be detrimental for high Zoom levels where a crisp 'blocky' pixel is desired.

The (default) 'Auto' option has thus been added to reduce Image smoothing gradually from High to Medium and then Off as the Zoom level increases.
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