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I get no video output when connecting to a laptop computer.
General - Product Support
Date Created
11/11/2003 11:52:48
Date Updated
11/10/2005 12:42:17
I get no video output when connecting to a laptop computer.
Cause: In order for a laptop to detect a monitor or scan convertor plugged into it, it looks for the RGB signals to be terminated and/or for pin 11 of the VGA connector to be grounded. If it thinks nothing is attached, some laptops will refuse to output any signal to the VGA connection. Also, some laptops will automatically enable their VGA output connection, whilst others require you to press certain keys before this happens.

Solution: Ensure you have used the VGA cable provided with your unit, and not a substitute. In particular, if the cable has one end (with the large ferrite core on it) marked 'COMPUTER', this MUST be the end plugging into the computer. Check in your laptop's manual on how to enable the VGA monitor connection - as most require you to manually do this.
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