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Date Created
11/11/2003 11:57:08
Date Updated
11/10/2005 12:43:39
No titles appearing when in overlay mode.
Cause: The unit thinks no monitor is attached, and is terminating the RGB signals itself. Since the VGA monitor is also doing this, the RGB signals become darker than normal. On overlay units, this can prevent the luma-key from working properly (since the text or graphics to overlay is too dark). Pin 11 on a VGA monitor's 15-pin plug should be grounded to tell the VGA card (or our unit) that a connection is made, but sometimes this is either not present or broken.

Solution: Most CORIO units all have a feature under the Advanced menu called "RGB Term.", and turning this Off will prevent our unit from terminating the RGB signal - thus curing the problem. Other units affected do not have any such adjustments, so you should either try another VGA monitor, or contact the VGA monitor's supplier.

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