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CORIOscan / CORIOgen Control Panel problems
C2 Product Family (excludes 770, 4000, and 5000 series)
Date Created
11/11/2003 13:28:21
Date Updated
13/10/2005 11:33:33
CORIOscan / CORIOgen Control Panel problems.
(Please note that this is very old software and is no longer fully supported.)

If you are having problems installing this software, where the installation constantly asks you to insert disks, please refer to the following details on the Microsoft website:

Refer to the Resolution "Testing for Left-Over Setup Files" - the 'CAB' files referred to are CORIOC1.CAB and CORIOC2.CAB.

We apologise for this problem, but it appears to be a known bug in the Package & Deployment Wizard included with Visual Basic 6.
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