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Unit appears to be 'dead' but power light is ON
General - Product Support
Date Created
11/11/2003 13:34:19
Date Updated
13/10/2005 14:22:18
Unit appears to be 'dead'- Power light on.
IF a unit is being fed an output from a laptop:
Most laptop computers should detect that our unit is connected, and output a signal on the laptop's VGA output. In some cases this does not happen, and you will have to manually tell the laptop to output a signal. Please refer to you laptop's manual on how to do this.

IF not being used with a laptop and but going via a VCR:
You must make sure that the video recorder has the right input selected. Most will default to an aerial/UHF connection, and may require having 'AV1' or 'AUX' selected before the correct input is used.

IF being connected directly to a TV:
You must make sure that the TV or video monitor has the right input selected.
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