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CS-420/450/460/470 CORIOgen video overlay problems
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Date Created
11/11/2003 14:21:12
Date Updated
30/03/2015 18:27:42
CS-420/450/460/470 CORIOgen video overlay problems
1) Image Distortion

This may be due to Macrovision protection in your source signal - especially if it is from a DVD player.

Macrovision's protection mechanism would be interpreted by our unit as extra horizontal synchronization signals, and therefore cause the picture disturbance you've seen.

Always ensure the video signal you feed the unit is standard, and not subject to any protection system.

2) No output in Overlay mode.

For a CORIOgen unit, you need to specify which input (composite video or S-Video) you want to use. This is done from the on-screen menu, or from an RS232 command.

3) Colours are not correct.

Make sure that if the unit is working in PAL, you're feeding a PAL signal in - and likewise for NTSC. On the CS-450(R), turn the power off and then hold down either the - button (NTSC) or the + button (PAL) whilst turning on power. This will force the unit into that mode. Alternatively, perform this from the menu system instead.

4) Key Level problems

For CS-450(R) units, you need to STORE the value in order for it to be remember the next time the unit is powered up. Hold down MENU and + together for a few seconds.

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