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Poor quality video output
General - Product Support
Date Created
11/11/2003 14:32:03
Date Updated
13/10/2005 14:16:48
Poor quality video (PAL/NTSC) output.
Things to note:
1. The highest quality connection method is RGB (eg. SCART in Europe), followed by S-Video (YC), and lastly Composite Video. Use the highest quality connection method that you can.
2. Use the lowest screen resolution, and the lowest refresh rate you can. All our scan-convertors work better at lower refresh rates, and give a clearer image.
3. The very old DeltaScan and VineGen units only work up to a maximum of 50kHz horizontal refresh rate. CORIO units can work up to 100kHz. Our VGA/Video Splitters will work with any refresh rate.
4. If you get severe 'ghosting' or 'smearing' of images (in particular if the smearing goes a long way to the right of the image), you may have a cable problem - move the cable about and see if the problem goes away. Replace it if necessary.
5. All video signals suffer when going over long lengths of cable, so you should keep such cable runs as short as you can - and always use high quality cable.
6. In general, the thicker the cable the better, as it usually means a lower resistance & capacitance, and better shielding. In particular RGB 'triple-coax' cables are the best.

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