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"Solving that CORIO problem before returning for repair!"
Legacy Product FAQs
Date Created
11/11/2003 14:51:42
Date Updated
27/03/2015 20:42:27
"Solving that CORIO problem before returning for repair!"
As many 'faults' are due to incorrect set-up or use, a simple check list is detailed below to help you identify potential problems.

Simply set the unit up with your equipment, as described in the product's manual and run through the check list. This will hopefully determine whether or not the unit is actually faulty and prevent units from being returned unnecessarily ie. to have NFF (No Fault Found) when tested -thus saving both time and money!

Check List
Check the Troubleshooting and Hints & Tips section at the back of your products manual and/or check out the FAQ and Problem Solver section on our website. This also shows the latest Hints, Tips and solutions to problems - It maybe a simple setup or usage problem

Please do not presume it is the Vine unit that is causing the problem! Check that the equipment being used with it, is fully working and setup correctly.

Check that all leads and the Mains Adaptor are working and that the Mains Adaptor is the correct specification for the product (as detailed on the label at the base of the unit).

Activating the AutoSet feature on all CORIOscan & CORIOgen products may help. Once activated this will scan the incoming image to determine its size and position - thus optimising it for display on the desired TV unit - refer to product manual for full details.

On a CORIOscan Pro S/SG that is setup in YUV output mode, the Composite Video and S-Video outputs are disabled!

On ALL CORIOscan & CORIOgen units you can switch between a PAL & NTSC video standard, so ensure that the correct video standard is selected. If you need to switch to NTSC mode, this is done by holding the OVERSCAN button down when turning on the unit. If you need to switch to PAL mode, this is done by holding the FREEZE button down when turning on the units. This changes the non-volatile PAL/NTSC setting to NTSC, and will be remembered even when power is removed.

On a CORIOgen Eclipse when genlocking, overlaying or mixing you will need to select the correct input signal type C-Video or S-Video (default is C-Video), you will find this within the OVERLAY section of the OSD menu.

On ALL CORIOscan & CORIOgen units if you have an invalid output that you cannot exit from, a simple 'Factory Reset' of the product may sort the problem out. This is done by holding down both the O/Scan and Freeze buttons on the front of the unit when turning it on. This will reset the unit to Factory settings and set the unit into PAL video mode and C-Video input mode (CORIOgen Eclipse only).
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