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Controlling the Splitter 525/1125 (with chip) from visual basic
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  Splitter 525/1125
Date Created
24/11/2003 17:07:15
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27/03/2015 20:36:37
How do I control the Splitter 525/1125 (with chip) from visual basic?
Method of controlling the Splitter 525/1125 (with chip) from Visual Basic - 16/01/98
First declare the functions:
Declare Function VMSSendData Lib "VMSCNT1.DLL" (ByVal add%, ByVal bit%) As Integer
Declare Function VMSSendLoad Lib "VMSCNT1.DLL" () As Integer
Declare Function VMSReset Lib "VMSCNT1.DLL" () As Integer

Then do a reset at the start of the program:
x = VMSReset()
... then for each port you must first send the on/off value (x=0 for off, 1 for on), and then the 'Load' instruction:
y = VMSSendData(port, 1 - x)
x = VMSSendLoad()

Where port is from 1 through to 5 (for S525) or 11 (for S1125).
Port=14 controls H.Sync on/off, and port=15 controls V.Sync on/off, which will control DPMS modes on all the monitors connected.
Port 0 is the LED at the front of the unit.
Ports 12 and 13 are not used.

1. It takes a short time to send the data.
2. Don't disable port 1, as this is your local monitor! If you do, just remove power to the splitter, then re-apply it.
3. If you have multiple Splitters, connected as described in the manual, then you can control them all by repeating VMSSendData for each Splitter, then do a single VMSSendLoad at the end. The data jumps from one Splitter to the next after each SendData command, so the first data to send is to the one at the end of the chain.

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