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Software Downloads for CORIO Powered & Legacy Products.
If you're searching for firmware for your CORIO2 unit, or Windows control software, please see the related articles at the end of this page.

Listed below are software downloads for the original CORIO range of products. The scan-convertors do not require software to run them, but various utilities are available for control of some units.

Note that the only original CORIO products now made are the CS-320R and CS-450R. Other units may be available in some countries (due to RoHS regulations coming into force).

For most original CORIO products:-

CS-400 Select, CS-460 Eclipse, CS460 Eclipse Internal, CS-500A, CS-520A, CS-550A, CS-600A, CS-620A, CS-650A, CORIOscan Select, CORIOgen Eclipse, CORIOgen Eclipse Internal, CORIOscan Pro S desktop, CORIOscan Pro S/SG Single Rackmount, CORIOscan Pro S/SG Double Rackmount

* CORIO Powered Control Panel 1.10 (includes README.TXT) - CCP_110.ZIP
* CORIO Powered Control Panel (TVOne version) - TV One Control
* CORIO Powered ActiveX Control 1.00 (includes README.TXT) - CAX_100.ZIP

For Legacy products:-

* DeltaScan, Deltascan GL, MultiGen 2/Pro, VineGen Control Software disk V1.30 DSMG130.ZIP
* VinetexT Software disk 4.11 VTXT411.ZIP
* VinetexT TXTVS.COM driver 1.37 (includes README.TXT) TXTVS137.ZIP
* PC-TV Adaptor driver software disk V4.04 VGA404.ZIP
* MultiVideo driver software disk V1.60 MVS.ZIP
Legacy Product Software and Firmware
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