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C2-7000 series Logo and Testcard upload
C2-7000 Series Dual Channel Video Processor
Date Created
01/09/2005 16:27:06
Date Updated
19/10/2005 11:14:20
How do I change or upload the logos or testcards on the C2-7100?
Please note that this is a *beta-test* version at present - your comments are very welcome.

The C2-7000 series Logos and Testcards are fully programmable. You can upload your own graphics and photos, but you must bear in mind the following:
1. Logo memory is limited, and is designed to carry a 'station ident' - ie. a simple and/or small graphic or logo. Run-length compression is used to squeeze the picture into memory. Use a small logo, or a simple testcard. The C2 Image Programmer lets you scale the image to fit the memory. Do not use photos as these are too complex!
2. Testcard memory is also limited but is much larger, and so can carry more complex images. Photos can be stored, and any image that doesn't fit will be automatically scaled down until it does.
3. Logos are displayable *in addition* to scaled windows, but are not re-scaleable once programmed into the C2-7000 series unit.
4. Testcards are used as an extra video source, and thus use a scaling window - but are therefore more flexible because you can zoom and shrink them.

There are 3 things you need to do in order to program your own logos or testcards:

1. Check you have at least version 30 of the firmware - this is the 'SW:' number on power-up.
New firmware can be downloaded from here:
C2-7000 Series firmware updates

2. Install the C2 Image Programmer from here:
(This is the 2nd release, compatible with firmware version 30 onwards - prior releases were not compatible.)

3. If necessary, install or update your version of the .NET framework:
.NET framework for Windows XP
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