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C2-160 C2-260 firmware updates
Note: this software is not guaranteed to work on Windows Vista.

19th October 2015
Firmware version 268: c2_160_260_v268.exe

1. Firmware update allows auto-detection between B&W and color to save the user manually changing the setting

Known Issues:


Firmware version 265: c15_c2_160_260_v265.exe

What happens when a firmware update is performed on a CORIO unit?

1. Changed 'cut' transition code to freeze last image and wait until new source is ready.
2. Improved color-space conversion between BT.601 and BT.709 (SD / HD video resolutions).
3. Imroved black & color levels on all units.
4. Added black level control (0 or 7.5 IRE) for YUV inputs.
5. Fixed RS232 control of analog sync types.
6. Greatly improved motion compensation system.
7. Added support for 1080i YPbPr / SDI sources in motion compensation system.
8. Added noise reduction system for CV / YC / 1080i YPbPr inputs.
9. Added 'Frame / bob' method to de-interlacing system.
10. Added AMX Beacon to all units.
11. Added Aspect correct menu to allow for automatic aspect ration correction - in Adjust sources.
12. Faster input source switching, especially for RGB/YUV inputs.

Known Issues:

The above is a self-extracting file which includes the firmware data file, plus the firmware programmer. You will need to use the serial connector on the break-out cable and a spare COM / RS232 port on your computer.

See also C2-160, C2-260, C2-1000, C2-2000, C2-3000, 1T-C2, C2-7000 Series Windows Control Panel software (WCP)

Version 185: c15_c2_160_260_1.0.45_v185.exe

1. Fixed problem where edge-blend setup would not be restored after power-up
2. Improved YPbPr HD output levels
3. Added H/V Crop feature, to ease conversion of different aspect ratios
4. Added pixel-accurate selection of 'input' and 'output' window for specialized applications (set Aspect adjust to Pixel)
5. Added Presets to all units (some require 'Advanced menus' set to 'On' in System menu). Allows storage of 10 different Output/Window/Keyer settings.
6. Genlock and Lock&Mix are temporarily disabled when the lock source is removed or is not stable.
7. New RS232 function to indicate when a video source is lost.
8. Max fade level % added to all units with overlay abilities.
9. Diagonal interpolation added to all up-scalers with overlay abilities - improves de-interlacing of moving images.

Version 173:

Changes since previous version:
1. Extra edge-blending option, providing 'side' adjustment where 2x2 (or more) blends are overlapped.
2. Improved edge-blending guide-lines - more accurate.
3. Wider range of gamma values now available when edge-blending (from 0.01 to 1.50in 0.01 steps).
4. Changed adjusting routine so that brackets stop flashing (i.e. can no longer adjust) after 20 seconds of inactivity.
5. Added menu item for 'Aspect change'.
6. Added in menu item for units with RGB input but no m.comp to allow selection between 'Normal' and 'Auto' De-int for 1080i input.
7. Added 'On source loss' to 'Adjust sources' menu, so that user can define what should happen when a source is lost. Default is blue screen. This replaces the 'De-glitch' menu item in 'Adjust windows'.
8. Added to / altered resolution database file. Interlaced resolutions now show as field rate and not frame rate. (e.g. 1920x1080i 29.97Hz now shows as 1920x1080i 59.94Hz.)
9. Sync type is now stored with each resolution, with HD resolutions defaulting to tlYUV.
10. Increased allowable jitter for CV/YC inputs - fixes issue with VHS inputs.
11. Improved black-level clamping for HD component input / output.
12. Made all down-convertors default to 90% size, when shrink is off.

Version 146: c15_c2_160_260_1.0.45_v146.exe
1. Added 'E.blnd compensation' option to boost minimum brightness level in non-overlap area. This compensates for most projectors' inability to output true black.
2. Fixed issue where CC-300 initial connection might cause problems.
3. Fixed CC-300 issue where negative numbers were not always allowed for.
4. Fixed CC-300 issue where blanking button did not always blank the correct output.
5. Improved motion compensation - better sensitivity to fast motion.
6. Eliminated occasional pixel sparkle when shrinking CV/YC video to low size on high resolution output.
7. Added 'RGB1 termination' option in System menu for units with PC/HD Loop output.

Version 120: c15_c2_160_1.0.44_v120.exe
1. Added advanced field swap / line offset adjustment to Adjust source (set Advanced menus = On)
2. Fixed bug where tlYUV setting for HD outputs did not restore on power-up if saved.

Version 105: c15_c2_160_1.0.44_v105.exe
C2-160 & C2-260
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