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Memory types used in CORIO2 products
This FAQ applies to:

All 1T-C2 series
All C2-1000 series
All C2-2000 series
All C2-3000 series
All C2-4000 series
All C2-5000 series
All C2-6000 series
All C2-7000 series

Memory used in above units:

Video memory: standard SDRAM or DDR2 SDRAM, from 128Mbyte to 512Mbyte depending on unit.
Micro-controller program memory: Flash, from 64kbyte to 128kbyte depending on unit.
Micro-controller working memory: static RAM, from 1kbyte to 4kbyte depending on unit.
Micro-controller non-volatile memory: EEPROM, from 1kbyte to 4kbyte depending on unit.
FPGA configuration memory: Flash, from 0.5Mbyte to 2Mbyte depending on unit.
Test-card memory (if applicable): Flash, around 1Mbyte
Logo memory (if applicable): Flash, around 0.5Mbyte

Video memory used for conversion process is volatile: contents lost after power-down.
Volatility: all settings are erased during a firmware update process - only hour count, power cycles, etc. remain (see System menu)

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