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C2-3300 firmware updates
For: C2-3300, C2-3310, C2-3350, C2-3360

Update can only be done via an RS232 cable and the program below.

Note: this software is not guaranteed to work on Windows Vista.

What happens when a firmware update is performed on a CORIO unit?

Firmware version 334A:
1. Fixes CC300 Compatibility issue.
2. Fixes unstable Video output.

Firmware version 306:
1. Fixes issue on some units with 0071 error code.

Firmware version 273:
1. Fixed problem where some RGB/YPbPr sources may become unstable.

Firmware version 265:
1. Changed 'cut' transition code to freeze last image and wait until new source is ready.
2. Improved color-space conversion between BT.601 and BT.709 (SD / HD video resolutions).
3. Improved black & color levels on all units.
4. Added black level control (0 or 7.5 IRE) for YUV inputs.
5. Fixed RS232 control of analog sync types.
6. Greatly improved motion compensation system.
7. Added support for 1080i YPbPr / SDI sources in motion compensation system.
8. Added noise reduction system for CV / YC / 1080i YPbPr inputs.
9. Added 'Frame / bob' method to de-interlacing system.
10. Added AMX Beacon to all units.
11. Added Aspect correct menu to allow for automatic aspect ration correction - in Adjust sources.
12. Faster input source switching, especially for RGB/YUV inputs.

Firmware version 205:
Changes from 204:
1. Added further support for CC300
2. Added A/B bus mode support

Firmware version 204:
First release of firmware.
C2-3300 Series
Date Created
04/07/2008 15:33:25
Date Updated
03/08/2010 15:46:41
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