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HDCP input not working on C2-2000A
The DVI-D inputs default to having their HDCP inputs turned off. This is because an HDCP input can only function properly when the output monitor is also HDCP compliant - thus by forcing the source to disable HDCP will help with compatibility and ease of use with non-HDCP displays connected to the output.

However, for sources where the output ALWAYS has to be HDCP encrypted (e.g. devices outputting a high-resolution image), you must ensure that the 'HDCP' menu in 'Adjust sources' for the DVD-D input is 'On'. This will allow the source to see a HDCP-compliant device.

You must also ensure that the 'HDCP' setting in 'Adjust outputs' is also 'On'.

Hold down the multi-directional switch until a beep is heard to save the current settings.

If you still have problems, check the 'Adjust outputs' 'HDCP' status to ensure that your display monitor supports HDCP.
C2-2000 Series
Date Created
03/11/2008 10:33:58
Date Updated
03/11/2008 10:38:42
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