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YUV input not working via HD15 when linking two CORIO products together
Almost all CORIO products will output a YUV signal along with separate syncs (H & V) on the HD15 connector. This is because the signal is from the same chip as the RGBHV signal.

However, if this YUV+HV signal is linked to another CORIO unit's HD15 input, it will usually have problems detecting what signal is present - since two syncronization signals will be present (sync-on-Y and H/V sync).

To avoid this issue, go into the 'Adjust sources' menu and manually force the 'Input type' to 'AYUV' (analog YUV). Alternatively, if the CORIO unit supports it, use 3xBNC connections instead.
C2 Product Family (excludes 770, 4000, and 5000 series)
Date Created
08/12/2008 09:27:05
Date Updated
08/12/2008 09:30:26
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