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1T-C2-750 & 1T-C2-760 firmware updates
For C2-750

To benefit from all the improvements of this FW version you will need to use CORIOtools suite v1.2.12 or above.

Release notes
tvONE - 1T-C2-750 Release Notes 559 (12th Jan 2017).pdf

v559 SW

CORIOtoolsSuite v1.2.13


For: 1T-C2-750 & 1T-C2-760

Firmware upgrades should only be applied to systems that are not performing as expected.

Firmware version 415: 1t_c2_750_760_v415.exe
Release notes: tvONE Release Note 1T-C2-750 and 1T-C2-760 v415 (14-05-15).pdf

What happens when a firmware update is performed on a CORIO unit?

The above is a self-extracting file which includes the firmware data file, plus the firmware programmer. You will need a serial cable (D9 plug to socket) and a spare COM / RS232 port on your computer.

Changes since last version:
1. Added support for Audio Embedding
2. Added support for IR5 remote controls
3. Improved compatibility with our tvONE-TASK products
4. Improved compatibility with CORIOtools suite

Known Issues :

Previous releases
Firmware version 279: c15_1t_c2_700_v279.exe
Firmware version 265: c15_1t_c2_700_v265.exe
First release

NB: If using the CC-300 with this unit, you must upgrade to the latest firmware: CC-300 CORIOconsole firmware updates
Please also see C2-160, C2-260, C2-1000, C2-2000, C2-3000, 1T-C2, C2-7000 Series Windows Control Panel software (WCP) for the latest version.

1T-C2 Series
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