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Frame rate conversion in CORIO2 products
There are two types of frame rate conversion employed in CORIO2 products:


Units supported on:
1T-C2-100 to 1T-C2-750
C2-1000, C2-2000 (non-'A'), C2-3000, C2-4000, C2-5000, C2-6000, C2-7000 series

This method will add or drop a frame in order to convert the input to output frame rate.

For example, conversion of 60Hz to 50Hz will result in every 6th frame being dropped (never shown) - this reducing by 10 frames per second.

For 50Hz to 60Hz conversion, every 5th frame will be repeated - this increasing by 10 frames per second.

Close frame-rate conversion such as 59.94Hz to 60Hz will result in a frame being repeated only every 16.7 seconds.

Frame add/drop can sometimes show as a 'shudder' on smoothly scrolling text, where it either appears to pause or skip ahead.


Units supported on:
1T-C2-760, C2-2000A series

This method can be activated in the 'Adjust windows' menu - it defaults to 'Off'.

Rather than adding or dropping a frame during conversion, this method will continuously interpolate between the incoming frames in order to create the new frame rate.

For example, 50Hz to 60Hz conversion will result in 10 extra frames per second being interpolated - i.e. where a frame would have been added (repeated), this method will instead create a new frame based on the previous and next frames.

For 60Hz to 50Hz conversion, the frame rate is slowed down by mixing frames together rather than dropping any of them.

Temporal interpolation will give much smoother motion then the frame add/drop method, but can sometimes introduce artefacts due to the frame mixing required.

Also see Time / frame delay for PC / video image conversion for CORIO2 products
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18/03/2009 11:15:51
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20/05/2010 08:32:42
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