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EDID manager in CORIO2 units
This feature is only present on C2-2000A units , with firmware versions of 270 and above.

EDID is an information packet retreived by a PC graphic card over a DVI link from a monitor which tells the graphic card which resolutions are compatible with the monitor. See What is EDID?

The EDID manager on these units lets the user copy EDID data from an attached display, in order to simulate its presence to a PC attached to the unit's input.

It works by holding multiple copies of EDID data in non-volatile memory, and allowing the user to select which one is shown to a PC on the DVI input. (It does not affect any other input.)

It is also able to capture the EDID information from a display attached to the DVI output, and store this in non-volatile memory.

The 'EDID to use [Def]' menu selects which EDID memory to 'send' to the PC graphic card (or other DVI source).

The 'EDID capture [1] Grab' menu allows the EDID to be captured from an attached DVI display and stored in one of the EDID memories.

The default 'EDID to use' value of 'Def' means that the CORIO2 unit's standard EDID will be made available.

A setting of 'Mon' will pass-through the attached monitor's EDID to the DVI source (this will require at least one re-boot of the unit, since the PC graphic card will probably read the old EDID data before the CORIO2 unit has captured the monitor's EDID data).

To capture a different display's EDID, perform the following:
1. connect that display to the DVI output of the CORIO2 unit - the CORIO2 unit will then read it.
2. select which EDID memory (1 to 6) to capture this information to.
3. select 'Grab' and click on it - this will copy the current monitor's information to that EDID memory.
4. change 'EDID to use' to that memory location (1 to 6)
5. hold in the menu button to store the current settings.
6. re-boot (turn off and on again) the CORIO2 unit to ensure that the graphic card uses this new EDID data.

Using the above, up to 6 custom EDID settings can be stored in the CORIO2 unit, ready for recall later.

PLEASE NOTE that this method will allow you to capture EDID values that your CORIO2 unit may not be compatible with (e.g. resolutions beyond single-link DVI), so you may get unexpected results.
C2-2000 Series
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09/04/2009 14:26:25
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