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Default RS232 Settings, BAUD, PARITY, STOP etc.
Date Created
29/05/2009 18:05:47
Date Updated
14/07/2010 10:11:28
What are the default RS232 settings for my 1T unit?
For these 1T units
- The data should set to 8 bits.
- The parity should be set to NONE.
- The stop bit should be set to 1.
- The flow control should be set to NONE.

For the 1T-VS-558 and 1T-VS-658 the default baud rate is 19200.
For the 1T-SX-632 and 1T-SX-634 the default baud rate is 9600.
For the 1T-C2 units the default baud rate is 57600.

Assuming you are using Hyperterminal, we recommend you turn echo characters locally ON. This will make it easier to see what has been typed etc. . After an incorrect command Control plus enter must be pressed threee times.
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